Author Letter .. Nutrition & Health

I would first like to thank Dr. Rachedi for his initiative in launching this journal at the University of Saida - Dr. Moulay Tahar, and who has just fulfilled a deep wish that tormented me for a long time so May the almighty God bless him.

Nowadays we are seeing more and more a drastic increase in ailments and diseases; of course they do not come from the sky, but are the result of our harvest, our eating behavior which in the majority is the opposite of a healthy lifestyle.

It is true that food has become more and more accessible everywhere in the world, and at a reasonable price, on the other hand the care of the sick has experienced a vertiginous rise creating a heavy burden for social security, and the funds of retirement.

Faced with this bitter observation, it remains both useful and urgent to pay particular and reasoned attention to our food and its quality while avoiding junk and poor quality food products filled with residues of antibiotics, pesticides, preservatives, sweeteners, flavor enhancer dangerous MSG, Bisphenol ..

What is amazing and astonishing is that in some parts of the world, let's say rich countries are struggling to lose weight because of excessive and unbalanced diet in the literal sense, with unprecedented abuse being the key word, While in many other countries having a food ration remains an achievement, the question is, where are we going? What is our future in terms of health?

Another relevant question why cancer, diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, cancer, autism have become commonplace, whereas in the past this chaos was barely heard.

Aside from that, this also helps explain why processed foods are so fattening. It's not just that they're loaded with added sugars. They're also loaded with LA linoleic acid that breaks your metabolic machinery and promotes fat accumulation and inflammation.

Fats like LA can persist in your cell membranes for months to years, continuing to wreak havoc with your metabolism the entire time, while the sugar is quickly metabolized

Every day, we are surrounded by hundreds or thousands of synthetic chemicals. They are in our food, clothes, tools, furniture, toys, cosmetics and medicines. Our society would not be the same without these substances. However, despite their usefulness, we know many of these substances can have negative impacts on our health and the environment.

In 2021, approximately more than 2.3 billion tones of synthetic chemicals were produced globally. We can say that humanity inevitably runs to its destruction.

Science has made inroads in all areas as the link between nutrition and health has become more relevant, demonstrating an intimate relationship between the food we eat and our state of health.

The digestive tract isn’t just where food is digested and passed through the body. It is critical for nutrient absorption and defending our bodies from pathogens, toxins, and dietary antigens In addition to this role, the digestive system actually plays a vital role in mental health, immunity, metabolism, and skin health, energy levels, and overall wellness. If you have gut inflammation and your gut health is compromised, you will start experiencing both gut health and non-gut health symptoms and health issues.

An overwhelming majority of nutritionists around the world continue to ring the alarm bells for collective awareness before it's too late, all of which has prompted us to share this information so that in good conscience everyone can take the right way to be more responsible without falling into paranoia or doing too much.

The consumption of junk food not only causes inflammation which often remains in most diseases the unsuspected underlying factor, adds to that the desertification of these products in minerals, trace elements, and vitamins, and let us not forget that the latter are necessary for cell activity for enzymatic reactions, for cell renewal, in short, for all the vital processes of cell physiology and biochemistry, otherwise we only have to look around us at the skyrocketing disease.

Fast food is notoriously bad for you. Sure, it’s convenient. And those fake, processed foods are literally designed to be addictive. But the nutritional value of most of these meals is nonexistent, and the Trans fats alone are worth avoiding these places altogether.

Millions of people are struggling through the vicious cycle of chronic symptoms that are associated with internal inflammation and immune dysregulation. And yet, determining the root cause of inflammation can be so challenging.. until now!

The day you understand the role of dietary and epigenetic factors in the onset of diseases or their elimination, that day you will have understood everything.

My column in this scientific journal aims to inform consumers about the dangers and bad eating habits adopted, and to talk about the impact of nutrition on health, which is also one of the factors of epigenetics , and whether we like it or not, nutrition is and will remain a determining factor in our health and well-being, now and in the future. let's end with this:
" Those who think they don't have time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness." Edward Stanley

  Author:  Dr. Nasr-Eddine Kebir
  Mobile:   0658678927
  Date:      - 06 July 2022