Bioinformatics and Structural Biology

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Viruses Data Integration

Viruses Database (SARS-CoV-2 Variants & Genomes) and Mutations-Explorer with Data Integration capacities.

Microbial Bioinformatics

BARID: Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance Investigation Database with Data Integration.

Structural Bioinformatics

We provide access to:
NALD: Nucleic Acids & Ligands Database Ligands/Drugs Binding Motifs, Classes and Disease links
STAD: Structural Targets Annotation Database a tracking system form structural targets studied in Africa.
SSFS: Sequence, Structure and Function Server Structural data analysis and display service.

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Possible Molecular Basis behind the late surge of COVID-19 in Algeria

Algeria witnesses a visible surge in the rise of COVID-19 cases and hence a quite worrying spread of the SARS-CoV-2 viruses.

Proteins code & edit other proteins, a new theory

It's a new theory in the making that talks about the possibility of proteins to code and edit other proteins!

The new SASR-CoV-2 variants .. VUI-202012/01 & 501Y.V2 & the high transmissibility phenomena.

Towards a molecular based explanation of the high transmissibility of the new variants of the corona-virus.